UNIBOD LLC, was founded by Yovanna Marte, a introverted Afro Dominicana born and raised in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, who is passionate about building confidence for fashion forward and savvy women all around!
This greatly influenced her to build a business after feeling displaced from modern society for being an introvert.   
She hopes to share with others alike, to continue to do what they love and prove to others that being an introvert is not a disadvantage but rather a great asset! 
UNIBOD is a creation out of her love for fashion and adding to your closet essential pieces that are sexy,
trendy and mostly affordable!
Each statement piece is uniquely bold and lavish in detail which adds a touch of glam to your wardrobe! It is truly a representation of her style and fashion inspiration from others!
for the UNIQUE and extraordinary woman who is confident and is not afraid to take risks.
celebrating all BODY types and all of its beautiful imperfections!
UNIBOD celebrates you, regardless of your size and natural curvy shape!
We live in a society where size does matter and certain body types are glorified.
It is no secret that as a woman in today's society we face the pressure to constantly look "perfect" in comparison to others, but who said every woman is the same?
As we grow to expand in our sizes, our mission is to ensure we make you feel confident in
expressing yourself through our effortless  chic, fun and sexy styles! 
We thank you and hope that you embrace all of your beauty with UNIBOD!
Yovanna, UNIBOD